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About Our Company

bus-PC specializes in providing IT support services to small and medium sized businesses in the Chicagoland area.

Our goal is to help our customers with their information technology needs and we accomplish that by keeping things simple. We don't pressure anyone into signing contracts, service agreements or convince them to use our home grown cloud services. Our product is our time and it's value is based on our experience, expertise and our work ethic. These are simple things but we provide them in a package that offers a high degree of value. We believe that a relationship with a customer should be simple as well. If you need help with your computers or your network, we will provide that help. When one of your employees has a problem, have them call us. We'll help. If it's time to upgrade or buy new equipment, we'll work with you to define a budget, to do the research, to set expectations and to help you through the ordering process. When the equipment arrives, we'll set it up so that you don't have to. We provide a very simple service and we do it well.

Your product is your time. What does that mean? It means that our product is very straightforward. We sell our time and with that time, you have access to our knowledge, our expertise, our guidance, our work ethic. Our business plan isn't based on upcharging for hardware and software. We'll help you to work with other vendors like Dell, HP or IBM to purchase that equipment directly and when it arrives, we'll set it up and maintain it so you don't have to. It isn't based on storing your data on our own custom cloud and then charging you a monthly fee. If it makes sense for your business to go to the 'cloud' then we'll help move your business to services like EWS, Azure, Office 365 or Google Apps. If moving to the cloud doesn't work for you, then we'll maintain your on-premises servers and software. Our goal isn't to get our foot in the door and then upsell you on 'other' products and services. If we're in the door, you're already using our one and only product: our time. Yes, you'll need to buy equipment (desktop/servers/network equipment) and software licenses (Windows/antivirus/backup/etc.) but you won't be buying them from us because we don't want to sell that to you. We want you to trust us, the guidance we give and the work we do for you. Your trust is so important to us that we're not going to threaten that hard earned trust by steering you towards a solution that we profit from. When we make a recommendation, you can trust that we believe your business needs it.

So what exactly do you do? We do a lot actually. Whatever you would expect an IT guy to do, we do. We setup PC's, Servers, Firewalls, Antivirus.  We configure backups, recover data and help with your disaster recovery planning. If you need to fill a gap between the off the shelf software you bought and a specific need you have, we can create customized software to help you address that need.  We do pretty much everything and we do it all well.

Well that sounds all well and good but how will it work on a day to day basis? If you have a problem, you can call us at 708-781-9341 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We do have a ticketing system but it's mostly for internal use. Our customers are not forced to use it. If we can remotely connect to your workstations or servers, we'll address the problem remotely. If we need to or if you would prefer that we come onsite, we will. It's very straightforward.

How does billing work? We bill by the quarterly hour and we invoice bi-weekly. We also divide our billing by projects so let's say we're developing a custom application for you. That billing is separated into its own section on the invoice (or we can invoice the projects separately if you prefer) so its easy for you to keep track of our time and your costs on a project by project basis. We're honest and we won't attempt to 'hide' any charges in our invoices.

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