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One of the aspects that makes bus-PC truly unique is our ability to fill the gaps in your software coverage. If you're like a lot of our customers, you probably have an industry specific software that handles your day to day needs. It would be great if your software did this or that but it doesn't or it doesn't do it as well as you'd like. bus-PC can help! We love digging into software and databases. We love figuring out how things work. We love coming up with solutions that help fill those gaps for you and we love when those solutions become valuable business assets. We see all of that as one great challenge. Working with forward thinking customers and helping them to come up with solutions that make them more efficient is what we do.

bus-PC offers both IT Support and Development services. A large part of our ability to provide valuable software solutions comes from our relationships with customers as their "IT Support". We believe in building relationships with our clients and part of that is knowing how their business works, the processes they follow and the people that work for them. Having that kind of insight into a business is invaluable when it comes to building custom software and in fact, building custom software helps us to become more familiar with our clients business which in turn helps us on the IT Support side of the relationship.

bus-PC can design solutions to meet almost any need. We've designed web services, websites, desktop and mobile apps, etc. We've built software that extracts data from proprietary or closed databases, cleans it up and then stores it in a more easily accessible fashion for querying from a custom website or app running on tablet. We've created entirely new solutions that track measurement data across product ranges and produce reports for packaging along with the products. We've written a lot of software.

A lot of small business owners are not aware of what's possible but they know what they need and they know the value of addressing that need. Part of bus-PC's value is that we know what's possible. If you bring us your problems or your ideas for improving your business, we can offer solutions.  If there's off the shelf software that can help, we'll find it and set it up for you. If there isn't, we'll build it and customize it to your specifications

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