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Platform Upgrades

In technology, there's a natural upgrade cycle. Whether it's driven by the features of newer technology or impatience with the speed of your old systems, servers, workstations and network equipment are typically upgraded, expanded or replaced every 3 to 5 years. We at bus-PC have mastered the upgrade process with a step by step process. We evaluate your current system, we define a budget and then design a matching solution. We formulate a plan and implement to completion. Each step of the upgrade process is planned in advance with the greatest of care to avoid unnecessary interruptions.

We will perform an initial assessment. The initial assessment serves two purposes. It provides us with information about your current network so that we're aware of what services and data have to be migrated to the new platform and it helps us to identify and validate the pain points that are causing you to reach out to us for help.

We will help to define a budget and tailor our solutions to fit it. We have a great deal of experience. bus-PC is familiar with the needs of most small and medium sized businesses and we have our ideal small biz scenario: our 'model home' and we work backwards from that ideal to fit as much of it into your budget as possible so that you have the highest performing and most reliable network that you can afford.

We will define an upgrade plan and implement that plan to satisfaction. In order to account for all aspects of an upgrade, bus-PC will define a plan that starts with your current network and then works through the process step by step so that we can account for all aspects of the upgrade process and avoid serious surprises.

We will complete the upgrade and provide ongoing support. bus-PC will not only perform the upgrade but we will also properly remove any remnants of the legacy system and if appropriate, repurpose old equipment for new purposes. Once all project related issues have been resolved and project related work has ceased, bus-PC, if desired, will continue to provide ongoing support for any random day to day issues so that you don't have to.

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