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Client trust

is our most valued asset

Our approach to outsourced IT is based on providing our clients with guidance with only their best interests in mind.

We believe that building trust with a client starts with something simple: honesty. We place a lot of value on client trust. We want you to know that when we make a recommendation, it's because we believe it's the right choice for your business. When we 'close' a ticket, it's closed only when our customers say "Yes, it's fixed". The work we do at bus-PC is always done with our clients best interests at heart and we want our customers to know that too. Part of that, for us, is being vendor neutral so that when its time to upgrade or buy new equipment: you'll know that our recommendation is based on your best interests. We'll find the right equipment and work with vendors through the quoting process but we'll step aside when it's time to purchase because it's important to us that our clients know that we have not profited on the equipment they've purchased. We believe that staying neutral and providing our customers with honest guidance helps to build trust with our clients...and that's important to us.

So honestly, what is bus-PC? bus-PC is a group of professionals that are experts in providing IT related guidance and support to small and medium businesses. When you work with bus-PC, you get our knowledge, our experience and our work ethic. All of that adds up to something that brings real value to your small business whether it's replacing a server, creating a user account, setting up company wide scanning solutions or the random 'what ifs' that small business owners ask themselves but don't have the answers for. bus-PC provides real value because we know how best to address the IT needs of your small business and we have the knowledge and experience to help you explore the 'what ifs' of your businesses future.

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