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As Turn Key

as IT gets without
the false promises

Outsource your help desk to bus-PC or escalate your technology problems to us as needed. It's up to you!

A lot of our competitors have their salesmen walking around with this idea of "Turn Key IT".  It's a promise that promotes this belief that you can offload the entire stack of computer problems on to someone else. It sounds wonderful but the truth is, it's not that simple.

Who knows about the problems you're facing? You do. We, like any of our competitors, utilize various monitoring solutions to keep an eye on things: to see if your server is 'up', to see if your Internet connection is working and we test a bunch of other aspects of your network but it's not always that simple. To the thousands of monitoring solutions available, if you can 'ping' a server, it's up. If you can get a string of text from a webpage, it's working. But is it? A server may look like it's up to us but to you as you try to open Quickbooks but can't or quickly grab a Word document from the company file share but its taking so long to load that it feels like its crashed, the server isn't 'up'. The server isn't working. There's something wrong that the thousands of monitoring tools that we and our competitors use simply aren't catching but that you are experiencing and causes you frustration on a daily basis. How turn key is IT then? In those situations, we, and our competitors, rely on you to tell us what's wrong and when you get involved, even if it's only to report a problem, it's not Turn Key.

Why is it important to know about the failures of the Turn Key promise? Because bus-PC was founded on the idea that we can be better and it starts with honesty. We are not going to 'close a sale' by promising something that we, and our competitors, simply cannot deliver. No monitoring product can magically know about every single one of the problems you're experiencing and we're not going to sell our customers a Turn Key product that extorts money from them on a monthly basis and provides almost nothing in return. That's a gimmick and the confusion and false promises that surround that gimmick only do one thing: damage relationships. It's a short sighted money grab. bus-PC is better. Our product is focused on the long term and it's based on something real: our experience and our commitment to helping our customers. If you have a problem, tell us! We want to help your business with the problems it's facing and we're going to work with you to resolve them. That's our promise. That's the bus-PC way.

Well, if you're not Turn Key, what is it like working with bus-PC? It's not 'Turn Key' but it's pretty good. We make use of internal ticketing systems and yes, we do use various monitoring tools, but that's for us: you don't have to deal with them. If you have a problem, we're a phone call, e-mail or text message away. We're not going to force you through a documentation process that makes our day easier but takes up even more of your time. You're the client and you can use whichever method is most convenient for you. As far as normal day to day support like patches, updates, backups, etc., we handle all of that too. We'll let you know if there are problems or if a 'decision' has to be made but a lot of the day to day stuff is handled by us as needed.

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